It has been a week since José Mourinho started work with his Chelsea players and Eden Hazard for one is impressed with the special one.

“He comes across as very calm when he speaks to us,” says the Belgian, all those familiar images of touchline tantrums apparently misleading. “He’s a good person. He loves his players and is someone who can make the difference, for sure. We have a real chance this year. But, with a top manager in place, our chances are even greater.”

“With Mourinho, we know what he is and what he brings: with him in charge, we win matches and win trophies. I’ve found him a very good person. He laughs and jokes with us a lot out on the training pitch, and that’s good to see in a coach. He’s calm, yes. I’m sure he can lose his cool as well, obviously, but he’s very clear explaining what he wants so we understand his instructions, and we learn.”


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