FC Chelsea has been around for quite some time now and is one of the best teams. It prides itself on quite a unique slogan which states ‘the blues never die.’ Additionally, it has had some of the best players in history and also the worst. Below is a list which includes both.

The best players

Frank Lampard

Topping our list of best players is Frank Lampard. He is a legend and is perceived as one of the Chelsea FC’s most impressive players, and he joined the club in 2001 from West Ham. Lampard is one of the best midfielders that the team has ever had and through his prowess, he took the club to great heights, and he is one of the top scorers not only in Chelsea but also the English premier league in general with 211 strikes in more than 600 games. Lampard has bagged three premier league titles and boasts a remarkable list of accomplishments. We could go on and on about Lampard’s achievements for the Blues but for now, let’s move on to the next best player.

Didier Drogba

I need not say much about Drogba because his prowess in football is known globally. He signed in to FC Chelsea in 2004, and although the club had to bleed its bank account to land him, the amount was worth it because since then all he did is take FC Chelsea to the top. Knowing the crazy moves he makes, many people questioned Mourinho’s mindset, but Drogba proved to the world that sometimes the man makes wise choices. Didier who traces his roots to Ivory Coast scored 157 goals for the team during the seasons he played for the team, with 241 appearances and has helped Chelsea take the trophy home countless times. He is mainly known for scoring nine lifesaving goals for Chelsea in eight difference cup final matches.

John Terry

Whenever legendary players are being discussed, the name John Terry never misses out. His achievements speak volumes of his abilities and boast an unparalleled record of 40 goals in different premier league matches. For instance, his presence in FC Chelsea has led the team to take home three domestic cups, four premier league titles, five FA cups and many other achievements.

Other best Chelsea players include:
• Gianfranco Zola
• Peter Osgood
• Peter Cech

Worst players

Just like it has best players, the club sometimes makes unreasonable moves and ends up landing some of the worst players. Below are some of them.

Winston Bogarde

During his signing, the Holland player had an impressive football profile having played as a defender for the biggest clubs in the world such as Barcelona FC, but after joining Chelsea, things were looking quite bleak for him. He suffered injuries which led to him not being to maximize his potential and in the four years that he was at Chelsea, Winston only made nine appearances. Although Chelsea tried to offload him by selling him to other teams, the man declined other offers and chose to stay even though his presence was not helpful at all.

Adrian Mutu

He joined the blues in 2003 at a hefty price of $25 million at a time when his career was at its peak. He had an impressive profile thanks to his achievements on other teams but when he joined Chelsea things began to go south. Adrian experienced a muscle tear, and since then his football expertise went downhill. Although unlike Winston above he tried and at least there is something to show for it because he managed ten goals for the club. It seems that Adrian could not handle the stress of his declining career alone and he turned to drugs because in 2004 his drug test indicated the use of cocaine which marked the end of his career at Chelsea.

Shaun Wright Phillips

Shaun is yet another worst player which Chelsea was unfortunate to sign. His father was quite a successful player which is why maybe young Shaun decided to follow in his footsteps. In the beginning, he was quite promising, but his inability to appear in all Chelsea’s games saw his career decline. He joined the club in 2004 but did not last for long.

Other FC Chelsea worst players:
• Andriy Shevchenko
• Khalid Boulahrouz
• Juan Sebastian Veron