If you are a fan of football, then you know Chelsea is a force to reckon in that sport, and they are giants on the field. FC Chelsea is one of the top football teams in the world, and although it is quite at its epitome now, it has had to play hard on its way to the top. Similar to any other team, it has had its wins and sometimes it loses but things are usually not that bad because in most football seasons it often takes the trophy home and if not it maintains top positions. If you are new to the world of soccer, then I will introduce you to the game by taking you down memory lane and helping you know about Chelsea’s history.

Chelsea History

Chelsea_FCAlso dubbed as the Blues, FC Chelsea has been around for quite some time now as it began in 1905. Their first seasons were not a walk in the park as they finished in the mid-table without major trophies and popularity. With determination, the club recorded their fist closest success in the FA Cup when they became second during the 1914-1915 season. In 1955, manager Ted Drake led Chelsea F.C to the league Championship thanks to his tactics and series of changes at the club. However, it was not that famous back then and only rose to prominence in the early 21st century when Roman Abramovich bought it in 2003. Since then it began to gain popularity thanks to its performance on the field. Also, Roman plays a significant role in where FC Chelsea stands today by signing in new and skilled players to the team. All this he was able to do thanks to his fat bank account. Some of the players signed in since Roman took over the ownership of the club include Frank Lampard who was bought from West Ham. Although it took FC Chelsea a lot of bucks, it was worth the bung because since then Lampard continues to soar the club to greater heights and is among the top scorers in Chelsea history with a record 211 goals in total. Other great players who have played for FC Chelsea include Didier Drogba, Peter Osgood, and Giancarlo Zola among many others. The founding directors of the club include Henry Agustus, Fredrick Parker, Alfred James, Henry Boyer and a few others.

Chelsea F.C has had a total of nine short-term managers and twenty-seven permanent managers. Roberto Di Matteo and Ron Suarts are the only Chelsea managers to serve both as short-term and permanent managers. The first manager was John Tait Robertson, and the longest-serving manager was David Calderhead who spanned 966 matches, while the shortest permanent manager and the least successful manager was Danny Blachflower who spanned 32 games only and registered a 16% win. Apart from Ted Drake, other Chelsea managers who have won major trophies include Tommy Docherty, Jose Mourinho, Dave Sexton, Guus Hiddink, Ruud Gullit, Rafael Benitez, Roberto Di Matteo, Carlo Ancelotti, without forgetting the current manager Antonio Conte.

Chelsea F.C has won premier league six times, league cup five times, the FA Cup seven times, FA Community Shield four times, UEFA Champions League one time, UEFA Europa League one time, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup two times, UEFA Super Cup one time, Full Members’ Cup two times, London Challenge Cup five times, Paisley Charity Cup one time, Glasgow Merchants Charity Cup one time, and Middlesex Senior Charity Cup three times. The team has also won various pre-season trophies such as Premier League Asia Trophy two times, World Football Challenge one time, World Series of soccer one time, and Stamford Bridge Trophy five times.

Chelsea F.C is based in Fulham London and has achieved significant wins on its home grounds. Today it is one of the biggest teams in the English Premier League, and it plays against notable teams like Barcelona FC, Manchester United, Arsenal and many others.