No Way Past Hammers Parked Bus

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho accused West Ham of playing “football from the 19th century” after being left frustrated by a goalless draw at Stamford Bridge.

The Blues fell three points behind new Barclays Premier League leaders Manchester City, who beat West Ham 9-0 in the two-legged Capital One Cup semi-final, after a resolute display from Sam Allardyce’s men.

Mourinho outlined his unhappiness with the Hammers’ tactics afterwards.

“It’s very difficult to play a football match where only one team wants to play. It’s very difficult.

“A football match is about two teams playing and this match was only one team playing and another team not playing.

“I told Big Sam and I repeat my words: they need points and, because they need points, to come here and play the way they did, is it acceptable? Maybe, yes.

“I cannot be too critical, because if I was in his position I don’t know if I would do the same. Maybe.

“At the same time I told also this is not Premier League, this is not the best league in the world, this is football from the 19th century.”

Chelsea tried everything to unlock the Hammers defence and when they did they found goalkeeper Adrian in supreme form.

Mourinho added: “The only (other) thing I could bring was a Black and Decker (tool) to destroy the wall.”

Mourinho pointed to time-wasting and aimless long balls to illustrate his point, which he had made to Hammers boss Allardyce after the game.

“He was laughing,” Mourinho added.

“His objective was won: come here and take a point. It was not to come here and play good football or to try to win or to feel part of the quality of the Premier League.

“He takes the point. After that he’s a happy man and I’m a sad guy.”

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  • John

    Personally I disagree with Mourinho,just the same way I totally disagreed with Barca’s complain of Chelsea parking the bus during the time Chelsea beat them to go to final.coaches should stop trying to dictate to an opponent how they should play against them,to me that is total rubbish every team has the right to plan how to counter your tactic if they felt your tactic is superior to theirs or maybe you have got better players than they. Mourinho shoulder plan how best to break down such defenses which will definitely appear from time to time,and not be wasting time like Arsene Wenger and Barca complaining about the opponents’ tactics.
    The other day,Mou was very busy supporting Man city to beat Spurs,but forgetting to prepare his own team, on how best to counter a bottom team that he knew very well would definitely park the bus? The result now is two points dropped against a bottom team so stop complaining,focus now on how best to beat Man city,they’re not unbeatable,and mind you they would not be parking the bus either!!!

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