Di Matteo Worried About Defensive Problems

by wilsonreport on November 17, 2012

Here are some of Roberto Di Matteo’s comments after Chelsea lost 2-1 at West Brom, extending the club’s winless streak in the league to four matches:

“It is a ground we find difficult, last season when we lost here, and now this season again. We know they are very good at home.

“But giving away goals like we did today makes if difficult to win the game.

“You have to score three goals to win then and our defending was very poor today.

“We didn’t concede many chances but, the ones we did, we had to do better.

Chelsea have operated an attack-minded 4-2-3-1 formation under Di Matteo but that looks set to be reassessed.

Di Matteo said:

“This season we are playing a little bit different but we might have to go back (to a previous formation) to be able to win games, and make sure first and foremost we don’t concede.

“Maybe it is the time where we might have to change a little bit in terms of our selection and the way we play.

“For some reasons, November for our club is a bad month and it seems the same again this year.

“We are disappointed and maybe it is time to look at things, maybe change it a bit and get a win.

“We will look at the set-up of the team and maybe sacrifice a bit the attacking options to go a little bit more defensive.”

Di Matteo made five changes but insisted:

“It was based on the midweek (international) games. The players were all over Europe and the world, long flights, five or six hours’ time difference.

“They were not in a condition to start or last the game.”

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